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Fire Fire Fire 05

Anders made a new mix and worked over the vocal sound to make it less muffled (thanks!) and also replaced the bass sound with the one he used originally. This mix sounds a lot better and now I’m thinking I … Continue reading

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Fire Fire Fire 04

This is the first vocal take on Fire Fire Fire. I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals keeping a certain moment in my head, using the phrase Anders had already made up for the song (Fire Fire Fire). The … Continue reading

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Fire Fire Fire 03

Added some hopefully Eno-esque strings and some drum fills here and there. I have an idea for a melody, but since the verses have become twice as long we need to flesh it out a bit. When listening to the … Continue reading

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Fire Fire Fire update

Bounced the track with a softer bass sound (60s French Bass from the Reason Electric Bass refill) and a little more mastering. 090323_fire-fire-fire_02

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Fire Fire Fire

Anders wrote this song, which contains some nice guitar sounds and a slightly traditional sound for us. Måns wrote and recorded the vocals, which are still a draft, and there are still some changes to be made to the mix. … Continue reading

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Fire Fire Fire

Anders recorded this sketch for a new song. We have not made any vocal recordings or finished the lyrics yet. 090320_fire-fire-fire_01

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Silver Night 08

Anders made a new mix with the synth bass muted so this song is finally starting to sound more like the real deal. :) 090303_silver-night_08

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Lyrics for “Silver Night”

The lyrics for “Silver Night” reflect a specific feeling I had, waiting for the chance to get back at someone I was really angry with. The expression “silver night” is my own concoction, meaning “golden opportunity” or something like that. … Continue reading

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